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Building and Improving Self-Esteem in Children

Building healthy self-esteem and confidence in your kids is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. A child that can confidently shake the hand of a new adult acquaintance, express a well-thought idea or opinion in a respectful way are empowering moments for a child, and lessons from which many adults could benefit!

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5 Last minute non-toy gift ideas

Do you remember a really special Christmas present you received as a child? Well, mine was a little pink doll called Jane and Jenny. It was given to me by my uncle when I was about 3 years old. And that was the only doll I ever had. Well, the good thing is that I still have not just the doll, but also the warm memories associated with it. Today, my little boy has way too many toys, and I thought that another toy for Christmas, will only add to his clutter collection and not to his childhood memories.