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The CZ Government Plan on Schools Reopening

The government has decided on April 14, that the easing of stringent rules due to the coronavirus epidemic will happen in five phases. However, it will depend on the further development of the disease in the forthcoming days. So the keyword will continue to belong to epidemiologists. Here are answers to a number of practical questions on the changes that the Czech population is facing in the coming weeks.

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School lessons were to be digitized in 5 years, but now it will have to be done within a few weeks!

The project SYPO (System support for teachers and school principals) presented by the national pedagogic institute of the Czech Republic started offering a series of educational webinars for teachers in mid-March. It aimed to show them the various options they have, in on-line teaching. The webinars are free for every professional and include optional consultations with a tutor. Interestingly, before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was hardly any interest and now the courses have thousands of followers.

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Modification of Measures Concerning Ban of Visitors in Health and Social Institutions

The Ministry of Health has modified the measures concerning the current ban of visitors in health and social institutions. Following a meeting with Czech labour and gynaecology department of ČLS JEP, the ministry of health has decided to modify the rules of the earlier announced temporary measures involving the ban of any visitors to any health institutions with hospital beds or any care homes during the outbreak of COVID-19.