Roman Prymula Decides to Tighten Measures

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The Germans will probably put the Czechia on the red list.

In the Czech Republic, there has been a sharp increase in coronavirus infections. We have the second largest number after France in the European Union in the last 14 days. Today, Germany will probably include the Czechia in the list of risky countries. The new Minister of Health Roman Prymula, has, therefore, decided to tighten measures. Some measures under consideration are that pubs, bars and restaurants should close at 10 p.m. (presently they close at 12:00 am); high Schools will have distance learning (distance learning is mandatory only at universities now).

Prymula also recommends schools to close this Friday, September 25, giving students a four-day weekend (September 28 is a state holiday) to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The regulations are also likely to affect sporting events. Today, the Ministry of Health is likely to limit the number of participants to one hundred at outdoor events and to fifty participants at internal events.