Running low on ideas for entertaining kids? Here are some great activities for families to pursue together in and around Prague. Take the plunge and challenge yourself.
Crafty Panda
Little fingers can create amazing art. Here are a few crafty activities that you can try out at home on rainy and cold days.
Panda Traveller
We all love traveling. But as parents, not everything can be fun. So don’t just rope in long touristy walks and boring museums with kids. Here are a few places that we recommend are kid-friendly while parents have a better time!
Panda Parties
Hosting a birthday party or children’s event? In this section, you will find a list of places, tips, tricks and ideas to have a lovely event for your child.

Little Panda suggests that you call and check before visiting/ participating in any activity/ event. We are not responsible for any changes in the program as this discretion rests with the organizer.