About Us

We are Little Panda – a public service organisation for expats in the Czech Republic. We are dedicated to helping families find their bearings here, adapt to their new ‘home’, and create a community that will bring immense joy while making a home in a foreign land. We started in 2013 as a Facebook community in two languages – Russian and English. With over 3000 members we soon realised the need for a website to help parents find all sorts of useful information under one roof!

Our Team

Little Panda, Our Mascot
Everybody loves a Panda! Little Panda is the first and most adorable team member. Her logo design was created by Denis Zorkin. Panda works hard to add a warm cheer to the many pages of our website. Panda loves sharing all the fun things about living in the Czech Republic. Panda comes up with cool ideas for kids in the Crafty Panda section. If you have a cool idea or want to write to Little Panda, send her an email at panda@littlepanda.cz

Xenia Sulimenko, Founder
Xenia created Little Panda with the hope that it might help people like her when she was a new parent. Little Panda is more than just a hobby. She wants to grow an active and helpful community to engage and share all the nice things about Prague with all the nice people who have chosen to make this city their home. She leads the Little Panda team and gives inspiration and genuine encouragement to fill these pages with things that are important and fun for all of us! Share your thoughts with her on xenia@littlepanda.cz

Kavita Krishnamurthy, Chief Editor & Content Head
Kavita is a writer who grew up in India. She loves reading, cooking and creating artsy things with her five-year-old. She has been living in Prague for the past 3 years and before that in Basel. She loves interacting with people and learning about different cultures. She jumped at the opportunity to work with Little Panda. She has been with the ILBIRS Group since 2015. Write to her at kavita@littlepanda.cz

David Depman, Writer, Advisor, Editor, Idea Smith
David is a goofball. He stays wildly active and is constantly on the look-out for fun things to do with his daughter every day, night, weekend and holiday. David arrived on the shores of the Czech Republic many years ago and has settled in quite nicely. Anything you want to share with us, share it with David for maximum amplification! david@littlepanda.cz