Parks in Prague

The historic beauty of Prague offers not only amazing medieval architecture it also provides wonderfully relaxing green areas where visitors can enjoy blooming nature, both outside and inside the city.

In 2018 Prague has been named the greenest city in the world according to a new index by Dutch travel website TravelBird.

The Czech capital comes in first in rankings based on the percentage of green space against the total area of the city, with a whopping 56.74% of the city rated green.
No other city crossed the 50% mark, with Madrid (44.85%) and Vienna (42.68%) trailing Prague in the rankings. A total of 50 major cities across the world were analyzed for the Green Cities Index.

Green spaces measured for the index included forests & woodlands, nature reserves, parks, maintained grass areas, public gardens, golf courses, orchard, vineyards, and farmland. All data was sourced from OpenStreetMap.