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If you were asking yourself how many castles, fortresses, villas, and chateaux this country has, the answer is: a lot, in the order of hundreds. And get this, it’s impossible to give a precise answer because there is no agreed method on the state level on how to count all of them.

Mine the gold under your own feet!
Did you know that Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world? If you are new in Prague, start with exploring the Prague Castle area (70 000 m2!). Dating back to the 9th century, Prague Castle has been the seat of the Kings of Bohemia, the Holy Roman Emperor and the presidents of Czechoslovakia. It is currently the residence of the Czech President. Be sure to visit St Vitus Cathedral, the biggest and most impressive church in the country.

In this section of our Little Panda Directory, we’ll list many of the interesting Castles, Fortresses, and Ruins that you and your family can reach and enjoy!  We’ll also look forward to your shares and suggestions on where YOU like to go.

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Zvíkov Castle

Address: Písek, Státní Hrad Zvíkov Phone: +420 382 285 676

Castle Zvířetice

Address: Bakov nad Jizerou, Podhradí 14 Phone: +420 326 210 230


Address: Uherské Hradiště, Komňa Phone: 572 641 140


Address: Žumberk, Žumberk 71 Phone:


Address: Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Zřícenina hradu Zubštejn Phone: 566 590 388


Address: Znojmo, Hradní 1 Phone:


Address: Zňátky, na pravém břehu Oslavy u Zňátek Phone:


Address: Zlín, Soudní 1 Phone: 602 560 020


Address: Senohraby, Příčná 61 Phone: 797 996 862

Zamek Žleby

Address: Žleby, Zámecká 1 Phone: 327 398 121