Zamek Žleby

About the Castle:
Žleby is a chateau in the village of the same name, about 7 km east of Čáslav. It was originally a castle built by the Lichtenburks (perhaps by Smile of Lichtenburg ). The first indirect mention of it dates back to 1289 when he belonged to Henry of Lichtenburg, whose descendants had begun to invite the Žlebští from Lichtenburg. In the 19th century, the castle underwent a major reconstruction of the Neo-Gothic castle. It is now owned by the state (administrated by the National Monument Institute ) and is accessible to the public.

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Name: Zamek Žleby
Name EN: Chateau Žleby
Style: Gothic
Condition: Excellent
Address: Zámecká 1
City: Žleby
Post Code: 285 61
Region: Středočeský kraj
Ticket Price: 20-650 CZK
Distance in kms: 102 Kms
Driving time: 1 hour
Contact Person:
Phone: 327 398 121