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How to Pack and Plan a Picnic

There’s always something alluring about a picnic. The joy of lugging a heavy hamper of eats and treats, the petty pleasure of laying things out on a pretty mat and letting the kids run around while you lounge lazily under a tree, beside a lake, picking on cherries in the warm sun. Well, enjoying a lovely day outside, takes a lot of work and planning beforehand. Here’s what I usually do while planning a picnic with the family.

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Easy Snack Ideas for a Perfect Picnic

What can be more exciting than having a wonderful time with the whole family in the fresh air? A Picnic is one of the easiest ways to step out of everyday routine for having fun with children. Once a venue is decided the next most important thing is the food in the picnic basket. To simplify the preparation of your snacks list, here are easy and uncommon recipe ideas to enjoy delicious food.

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Let’s Have Another Baby!

Those immortal words one partner says to the other after the first baby has started sleeping through for a couple of nights, and they have forgotten the hell of the sleepless nights. After the hormones have made a shift, and suddenly a new baby seems like a brilliant idea. The pain of birth is a distant memory, and the idea of a baby brother or sister increasing your family is all you can think of.

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The lockdown can affect your child’s ‘growing up’

Due to Covid restrictions, there is generally a lot of isolation in the community. And probably children could be the ones who are most affected. I recently spoke to a friend who is a mother of a toddler. She expressed fear about the development of her child in the past year. And this is a fair thing to worry about.