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How to talk to your child about sexual abuse

As parents we are watchdogs for our kids. We teach them pretty much everything from skills, to hygiene habits, social skills, languages and ways to be safe. The one topic, which parents usually put off from discussing with kids is sexual abuse. And it is not because it is an uncomfortable topic, but because parents feel that their kids are too young to discuss it.

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Does your child act entitled?

It’s very easy to raise a child who feels that everyone around him owes him something. Well, raising an entitled child is getting more and more common in our generation. We work hard to bring in the bread and the excess income for a rainy day – and we end up showering our child with the wrong things to try and make up for the guilt of not spending time with them. But it’s never too late to recognize or bring an entitled child back on track.

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Should you pay your child to do housework?

A lot of parents pay their children to help around the house. Some others believe that kids should help out without getting paid as they are part of the family and household. Some parents give kids an allowance (pocket money) each month. Others let kids have some money as and when they want to buy something and if they have no undue demands. So, what’s the right thing to do with kids and payments? It’s quite tricky to answer. But there are no rights or wrongs in choosing to pay or not to pay.