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Creating a great space for homework

From the time your child starts first grade here in our adopted home, they’ll start getting homework.  One or two days a week to start. So why not plan ahead and create a space that will become your child’s dedicated space for homework now? Whether you carve out a space in your living room, their bedroom or in a home office, make the place organized, comfortable and welcoming, because what they study is just as important as where. 

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Dining With a Toddler

Who doesn’t love a dinner date? There is something so universally appealing about sharing a meal with your loved one: eating delicious foods whilst engaging in conversation and enjoying each other’s company.
Of course, most of us have a different image in mind when the meal companion is a young child. Below are the three most common pitfalls you can avoid in order to have more enjoyable meals together.

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Travel with your kids, it will be a disaster and you’ll love it!

Travelling with kids can be an exercise in epic failure and rewarding at the same time, especially for young parents. But don’t let anyone discourage you from getting out into the world with your little one(s) and don’t let the idea of the challenge dissuade you either. You were born to travel, that’s one of the reasons you’re an Expat… And your kids were born to travel with you!