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Family with kids

The lockdown can affect your child’s ‘growing up’

Due to Covid restrictions, there is generally a lot of isolation in the community. And probably children could be the ones who are most affected. I recently spoke to a friend who is a mother of a toddler. She expressed fear about the development of her child in the past year. And this is a fair thing to worry about.

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Why is it important to label things for children during a pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed many things in people’s lives. One of them is access to physical contacts. And this is especially true for children. This is why it is even more important for children to pay special attention to what they do. Children often do not know for themselves, what is safe and what is not, so it is up to parents or caregivers to not take their eyes off them when it comes to playing with friends at home or at school.

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Tips To Create a Night-time Routine For Your Child

My five-year-old just walks into my room in the middle of the night – From, “Am cold mummy!”, to “monsters-under- the-bed”, I’ve heard it all! Well, any parent knows that getting a good night’s sleep is important. And to get a ‘straight-8-hours’ of sleep, a clear bedtime routine is a must for kids. We’ve chosen four simple tips that any of us can easily follow to help our kids get to bed and stay there through the night! Check it out.

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Czech Ski Resorts

Skiing is a very popular winter sport in the Czech Republic. CZ receives tourists from Austria and Italy with open arms. Although the Czech Ski routes are easier and the slopes, not quite as steep in comparison to the Alps, people come here with families because of the lower prices! The services of local ski centres are also better: for instance, you need not carry any equipment, everything is available for rent! 

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How to be a Better Listener to your Child

I’m just finishing off the last email for the day when my little one comes up next to me and starts telling me about how the pony in the story she is reading is hurt. My first urge is to tell her, “Can we talk about it after a while? I just need to finish this email.” But, on second thoughts, in half an hour she has forgotten all about the pony. And the pony is as important to her as my email is to me!

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Exciting School’s-First-day-traditions

It is always tough for children to come back to school routine school, after a nice relaxing vacation full of sleep, eat and have fun regardless of time limits. Accordingly, when it is time to start a new academic year, every child deals with anxiety which can be avoided by mentally preparing them in advance. The ways in which you can prepare your child really depends on the parents.