Czech Ski Resorts

Skiing is a very popular winter sport in the Czech Republic. CZ receives tourists from Austria and Italy with open arms. Although the Czech Ski routes are easier and the slopes, not quite as steep in comparison to the Alps, people come here with families because of the lower prices! The services of local ski centres are also better: for instance, you need not carry any equipment, everything is available for rent! 

There is a diverse choice of the accommodation offered by the resorts – from suites in hotels to affordable campsites. Everything is child-friendly and easy to use. The Czech are hospitable and there are numerous cafes or restaurants to choose from, based on your needs.

The average height of almost all Czech mountain ranges is about 1000 meters, there are a couple of peaks that stand higher. Sněžka, on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland, has the highest point in the Czech Republic (1602 m). The top and one slope are on Czech territory, the other slope belongs to Poland. The Krkonoše massif (Czech. Krkonoše) is the highest part of the Sudetenland, it is rightfully considered the most picturesque in the Czech Republic.

This region is included in UNESCO reserves, peaks and alpine meadows, adjacent to forests and valleys. In winter, this region attracts winter sports enthusiasts. Snezhka itself is accessible only to climbers, there are no tracks on the top. But just below it, is the town Pets pod Snezka, a popular resort with 12 marked trails of different difficulty levels and well-developed tourist infrastructure. If you’re looking for something elite, Harrachov and Rokytnice nad Jizerou are easily accessible. For better budget options check out Janske Lazne, Gerlíkovice and Mlade Buki located in the Krkonoše Mountains.

Another mountain range located in the north of Moravia and Silesia is the Jeseníky (Hrubý Jeseník). The highest point dominating here is Mount Praděd, 1,492 meters high. Ski slopes in Jeseníky are interspersed with cross-country tracks designed for both experienced skiers and dummies. The popular resorts are Praded, Mala Moravka, Chervenogorsk-Sedlo, Ramzova and others. In the valley is the spa resort of Jeseníky, which has about 60 sources of mineral water.

According to the weather forecasts for the winter of 2019, the weather can give enough opportunities for skiing in the mountains almost until the beginning of March. Despite the weather being unpredictable, modern technical infrastructure will help keep the track in working condition.

This is not a complete list of all ski resorts in the Czech Republic. Sumava, the Beskydy Mountains, the Eagle Mountains, the Ore Mountains, the Jizera Mountains are all good in their own way. There’s are a lot of choices for ski lovers in the Czech Republic!