Author: Little Panda

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Drive Out to Blatná this Weekend!

If you’re looking for a simple and easy day-trip with kids (Pram, changing bag, baby bottle and the works included) our top-of-the-mind suggestion would be Zamek Blatna. This cute, tiny castle fondly known as ‘Vodní zámek Blatná’ (Blatna Water castle), is literally located in the middle of water giving it a serene and magnificent character. There are beautiful water-lilies surrounding the castle.

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Tips to Give your Child a Home-Haircut

Hairdressers – haven’t we all been missing them? Although they may all open quite soon, all available time slots may be quickly taken. Or, a lot us paranoid mums would prefer to avoid taking our kids to the hairdresser altogether.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just give him a cool trim or her a simple tweak? Well, many mums are actually snipping away.  And for the others, who would like to ‘fix’ your child’s hair temporarily at home, here’s what you can do to make it fun for all!