Author: Little Panda

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Family with kids

What your child expects from you

It’s not easy to take a step back from ‘parenting’ and think about what a child expects from you. Now, am not talking about how your son always wants to play video games or hang out online and you mostly have a ‘have you finished your HW? (or something else)’ up your sleeve. What does he really expect from you? Are you living up to his expectations? Should you live up to his expectations? Well, it’s a thin line.

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How to Pack and Plan a Picnic

There’s always something alluring about a picnic. The joy of lugging a heavy hamper of eats and treats, the petty pleasure of laying things out on a pretty mat and letting the kids run around while you lounge lazily under a tree, beside a lake, picking on cherries in the warm sun. Well, enjoying a lovely day outside, takes a lot of work and planning beforehand. Here’s what I usually do while planning a picnic with the family.