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Tips To Create a Night-time Routine For Your Child

My five-year-old just walks into my room in the middle of the night – From, “Am cold mummy!”, to “monsters-under- the-bed”, I’ve heard it all! Well, any parent knows that getting a good night’s sleep is important. And to get a ‘straight-8-hours’ of sleep, a clear bedtime routine is a must for kids. We’ve chosen four simple tips that any of us can easily follow to help our kids get to bed and stay there through the night! Check it out.

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Czech Ski Resorts

Skiing is a very popular winter sport in the Czech Republic. CZ receives tourists from Austria and Italy with open arms. Although the Czech Ski routes are easier and the slopes, not quite as steep in comparison to the Alps, people come here with families because of the lower prices! The services of local ski centres are also better: for instance, you need not carry any equipment, everything is available for rent!