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5 Chores for Kids to Do Around the House

Parents usually need help around the house. But largely most parents tend to believe that getting help from kids only tends to increase the work, rather than support. Since most children love to ape the adults, they love to do what we do and its only wise that kids take an active part to give a hand around the house. Here are some chores that can be dealt with by children that simplifies parents’ lives.

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Why Should You Read with Your Child?

Many Hollywood movies have a lovely scene where parents along with their children read an enthralling fairy-tale while tucked into a warm bed under a starlit night. I am enthralled by these scenes and want to turn them into reality. But as a parent, and a working mother I do have a sufficient set of excuses for not reading to my child. 

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Road Trip With Kids

Being a parent is not easy – because it comes with the responsibility of always being tolerant, flexible and always mentally wired! One would imagine that vacations are easy, but if there is a road trip ( which mostly is), then managing kids on a car seat for long hours tests the patience.  here’s a list of life-hacks that helps make your next road trip more comfortable and memorable.