Questions Every Parent Should Ask The Child’s Teacher

Children whether going to school for the first time or they are returning to school after long summer holidays, tend to be reluctant before starting a new academic year. Parents in their turn should try to organize everything in the best way to show their support to the children.

Just like children, it is very natural for parents to be apprehensive before school begins. Anxious parents usually try to get familiar with the environment at school by interacting with teachers. Usually, parents try to ask very common and repetitive questions by concentrating only on their children’s learning achievement results. However, in order to get familiar with the schooling system and understand how much your child is involved in classes, here is a list of meaningful questions which will be helpful for parents.
1. What type of learning models (for instance, game-based or project-based learning) are used and how beneficial are those approaches?
2. What specific academic standards are used in the school and what exactly parents should know about it, in order to help their children?
3. What are those difficult and essential ideas that have to be grasped by every child by the end of this school year?
4. How exactly do you work on the weaknesses of a child?
5. Do you prefer to focus on the weaknesses or strengths of a child?
6. How do you encourage children to use critical thinking in your class?
7. How is academic progress measured?
8. How do evaluations help children focus on learning rather than just measuring it?
9. According to your suggestions, what questions need to be asked to children regarding the classes on a daily basis?
10. Do you recommend any technology, apps or sites that are designed to support a child’s self-directed learning?
11. What approaches are used to promote innovative thinking and creativity in the classroom?
12. How can literacy be supported outside of the school? Can you offer any creative and effective ways to support it?
13. Based on your observations, what barriers hinder development and academic progress in class?
14. Are there any other important questions that I missed to ask?

If you think that the list should be extended by any other components, you can write and share your suggestions with