Things that urge kids to be active and healthy

Image Courtesy: Yan Krukov/ Pexels

Today’s kids are easily attracted to screens and get sucked into texting, video games and sometimes just plain old watching cartoons. While, this does keep them out of mischief, they do end up with a sedentary lifestyle. As parents we can encourage kids to get more active by being active ourselves. And for those times when we are busy, here are some simple objects that nudge kids to be more active.

Balance board
Although a simple board, as the name suggests, it builds balance and stability in kids. Kids can use balance boards from the age of 3 and upwards. Kids have to work hard to keep their balance by shifting their weight across the board to be on it. This build focus and concentration while trying to balance their body weight.


Hula hoop
A hula hoop is a basic, inexpensive and absolutely delightful toy for kids both indoors and outdoors. When kids hula hoop, they learn to use their trunk and limbs separately and build core strength. When restless, a round of hula hooping can give kids a sense of calm and focus. And if hooping is a family activity, it can be even more fun! Who can keep the hoop us the longest?


Jump rope
A jump rope is an excellent equipment for building motor skills in kids. It creates bilateral motor co-ordination and this involves a lot of concentration. Once kids can jump rope, you can introduce twists for added fun.


Mini trampoline
Bouncing helps strengthen bones and muscles. When stressed or tired after a long day at school, fifteen minutes on a trampoline can raise a child’s moods and energy. While jumping on a trampoline, kids need to constantly keep shifting their center of gravity to balance themselves and this helps a lot with balance and co-ordination.