5 Non-Electronic Toys for Christmas

When passing the toy department at any store, you’re assaulted by a mob of flashy toys with bright colours, loud music, and loads of buttons. It’s true – electronic toys requiring batteries or those that must be plugged in have dominated the toy industry since the 80s.

While a lot of these toys will probably make it under your tree on Christmas morning, smart parents know how to complement these shiny gadgets with toys that are distinctly non-electronic but interesting at the same time!

According to research findings from the University of Indonesia, when parents and children play with non-electronic toys, the dimensions of affection and responsiveness increase. Just spending time together moving pieces across a board game, or spotting the right place for your puzzle piece can create magical moments.

Here are five useful non-electronic toys, which will help your son or daughter become a whizz-kid!

1. Jigsaw puzzles

The jigsaw puzzle is an all-time classic, which has retained its popularity to this day. Solving jigsaw puzzles is both a healthy source of entertainment and an educational tool for your child. They challenge your child’s memory and help develop fine motor skills and shape recognition.

2. Wooden toy train

Remember these? Wooden tracks, bridges, kid supplied sound effects? Solid old-fashioned play time. Playing with toy trains involves imagination and allows your kid to create different stories related to the activity. And admit it, you’ll play train too!

3. Dollhouse

Dollhouses invoke creativity and engage kids in imaginary play. A dollhouse can be a great starter for both boys and girls to expand imagination and learn responsibility through a role-play. More than that, this type of play requires your child to use social skills and improve their vocabulary! Bonus points for doll-houses made from scratch by Mom or

4. Puppets

Puppets are not a thing of the past! 21st-century kids love it just as much! The obvious benefit of puppet-play is the opportunity for your kids to entertain. Puppets boost a child’s confidence in speaking in front of peers and family members. For toddlers, this type of play improves fine motor skills and, of course, encourages imagination.

5. Play kitchen

Kids enjoy games where they can play different scenarios and imagine themselves in new roles. With a play kitchen, your kids will be able to do both while having a great time! Play kitchen allows your kid to engage in storytelling, character development and develop valuable life skills. And who would ever turn down a plate of freshly prepared dirt and plastic vegetables?

Whichever non-electronic toy you might choose, you can be sure that your kid will be entertained and at the same time get valuable skills out of playtime.

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