Benefits of new year resolutions for children

Happy New Year! With partying done and the holidays nearly over, it’s time to pull our lives together to welcome the New Year. One of the important things I like doing, is making new year resolutions with my family – which includes my little son! New year resolutions with a child? Yes, its possible. Making new year resolutions, can bring about a lot of positive changes in kids for life. It’s a sort of a ‘goal setting’ for each year, and the benefits are many if the resolutions are not broken. Here are a few listed below with easy new year resolutions ideas.
Creating new habits while breaking poor ones.
Children are different and take different liberties at home at different ages. Some young ones, don’t leave the dishes in the sink after eating, while older ones come home late without informing. Some forget to brush their teeth at night while others leave their bags and shoes right where they entered, in the living room or hallway. Speaking to them to find out where they want to improve, and helping them break a bad habit is easy with the new year resolution. A simple resolution to brush teeth each night without being told, or to put things in their places, not only makes them feel responsible, but also independent.

Improving manners
With the world going global, children are exposed to many cultures, manners and habits. And often times, they end up missing something as basic as saying ‘Please’ or ‘ Thank you’. Banging the door shut while leaving the room or house is another habit that forms in many teenagers. A resolution that says, ‘I will not bang the door shut’ can go a long way in making a big change for ever.

Learning new things
Some children are a bit wary about taking up a new hobby or a sport even though they want to. And the a new year resolution in this area can help them work with this problem. Speaking to the child about what keeps her away from a particular hobby or sport and trying to work around the problem can help them develop problem solving skills, while simultaneously learning new skills. A child may want to sing, but is afraid to learn with other children because they laugh at her untrained voice. Getting a few individual practice sessions with the tutor can help overcome her fear.

Studying better
Sometimes children do not set time aside to study regularly, thus having a poor effect in their grades. Making a resolution to create a plan and sticking to it can help them improve their grades. It also makes planning a routine habit for life.

Building confidence in a child.
Making new year resolutions, analyses a child’s strengths and weaknesses and augments the areas of improvement. This helps the child take control of his life instead of the parent having to monitor it all the time. This sense of control gives him a feeling of responsibility and independence that helps him grow into a better and self-reliant individual.
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