Belvedér Chateau

The Chateau was a Summer House and a seat of pheasantry in the 1700s. Today, this baroque-style castle welcomes people with its grandeur and various tourist spots.

The Belvedere was built in 1804-1806 on the initiative of the reigning Prince Alois I of Liechtenstein (1759-1805). Its architect was Josef Hardmuth (1758-1816). The Belveder summer house had, in addition to its ornamental and representational function, also a practical function, it was the center of the pheasantry. The land on Liščí vrch needed for its construction was bought by the prince’s office as early as 1802. It is probable that the construction was led by the master mason and architect Josef Poppelack, who built the Lednice minaret in 1800 and in later years participated in the construction of virtually all voluptuous buildings in the Lednice-Valtice area. In 1806, the main octagonal hall of the Belvedere was decorated by the Viennese painter Johann Joseph Langenhöffel with an illusory painting, consisting of pilasters and decorations in the then very popular “Pompeian style”. During the reign of Prince John I of Liechtenstein (1760-1836), the summer house was renovated and renovated and modified after a fire in 1894, after which rare Chinese silk wallpaper was placed here. Prince Alois, I acquired these from the property of the executed French Queen Marie Antoinette.

The Chateau and its surrounding areas offer various activities for tourists and families. There are various tours on offer. Basic tours of the chateau, a tour of the apartment of Francis I of Liechtenstein, Exhibition of costumes from the film MARIE TEREZIE III, a tour of the Temple of Diana Rendez-vous, Lu & Tiree Chmelar Herb Garden, Exhibition Forgotten Jewels, Carriage rides, wine tasting, wine competition, Colonnade At Rajstna. You can book a tour online here.

Opening Hours:
The Chateau and most of its facilities are open from 10:00 to 17:00 hours during summer and till 15:00 hours in winter. The timings for individual services can be found here. 


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Name: Zámeček Belveder
Name EN: Belvedere Chateau
Style: Baroque
Condition: Renovated, Excellent
Address: Státní zámek Valtice, Zámek 1
City: Valtice
Post Code: 69142
Region: South Moravian Region (Jihomoravský kraj)
Ticket Price: Adults 200 CZK, Children under 6 free, Children 6-17 years 100 CZK, Seniors 160 CZK
Distance in kms: 270
Driving time: approximately 3 hours
Contact Person: PhDr. Richard Svoboda, MBA
Phone: +420 778 743 754