Zvíkov Castle


Zvíkov, often called ‘King of Czech Castles’ (German Klingenberg ) is a royal castle above the Orlík reservoir at the confluence of the Vltava river with Otava in the Písek district. It is situated on a rocky outcrop about one kilometre north of the village Zvíkovské Podhradí at an altitude of 370 m.

The castle founded by the Přemyslid dynasty in the first half of the 13th century as a royal property, played the role of a military fortress, especially in times of political instability.

It then went into the possession of the Rožmberks, and then the Švamberks , Eggenbergs and eventually the Schwarzenbergs. During various periods, it was conquered and rebuilt several times and changed from Gothic to Renaissance style.

Opening Hours:

During Spring and Summer, the castle is open from 9:30 to 17:00 hours. In Autumn and Winter, the castle closes for visitors at 15:30 hours.


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Name: Zvíkov
Name EN: Zvíkov Castle
Style: Gothic
Condition: Excellent
Address: Státní Hrad Zvíkov
City: Písek
Post Code: 397 01
Region: Jihočeský kraj
Website: www.hrad-zvikov.cz
Ticket Price: 20-190 CZK
Distance in kms: 96
Driving time: 1 hour
Contact Person: Mgr. Aleš Kadlčák
Phone: +420 382 285 676
Email: zvikov@npu.cz, kadlcak.ales@npu.cz