The CZ Government Plan on Schools Reopening

The government has decided on April 14, that the easing of stringent rules due to the coronavirus epidemic will happen in five phases. However, it will depend on the further development of the disease in the forthcoming days. So the keyword will continue to belong to epidemiologists. Here are answers to a number of practical questions on the changes that the Czech population is facing in the coming weeks.

Do final year students have a chance to complete their studies in this school year?
Yes, as of next Monday, April 20, the government will allow high school students to enter school buildings to complete their studies. A maximum of five persons will be able to take part in individual consultations with their teachers and also in examinations. They can individually visit school libraries or study rooms, but only to borrow or return books.

Will graduates be able to complete their graduation as per their planned and prescribed time?
As of May 11, students of the final years of secondary schools, conservatories and colleges will be able to attend their schools according to specific conditions in order to prepare for the final examinations or graduation.

Remote learning could thus be combined with various consultations, but with strict hygiene measures. Graduation exams will be available in June, as will the entrance examinations for secondary schools.

Will the first graders go to school this year before the summer holidays?
As of May 25, the authorities will allow primary school pupils to go to school. However, they will not learn in regular classes, only in groups of up to 15 children. If the children sit one on each bench, they need not have to wear a face mask – it will be up to the teacher to decide. However, children will have to wear masks during group activities or while moving around the school.

When can high school students go to school?
The Ministry of Education plans to also allow secondary school students to have consultations with their teachers or be occasionally educated in small groups in June.

When will kindergartens open?
It will depend on their founders. Children will probably be able to return to them after May 25, but only if the operators can provide the necessary sanitary measures. The conditions under which the operation of kindergartens can be resumed will be set out in a manual prepared by the Ministry of Education.