Author: Nadya Bukhtiyarova

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Challenges of Being a Working Mum

Being a working mum is a hard job that comes with sacrifices. We spoke to Marianna Kottnauer, the owner of, who talks about the trials of being a working mum and how she copes with long work hours while giving time to her family. When asked about how hard it is to give time to kids when you‘re a working mum, she smiles and replies “Well, I’m certainly not alone in this, right?“

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Part of becoming a parent is learning to make sacrifices – Marianna Kottnauer, Mum + Entrepreneur

What’s tough – being a working mum or starting off on your own? Marianna Kottnauer, mum of two children and founder of, answers Qs on the balancing act. Marianna is from Slovakia, and her husband is from Canada. They have two boys – Matt,11 years and Daniel, 9.  Marianna creates personalized, kid-friendly self-adhesive labels that are easy to use.  Here, she tells us about starting a business while being a mum.