5 Halloween Historical Facts!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when kids go trick-or-treating in their neighbourhoods. But do we know the background and the history of this holiday? It might be tricky to explain to the kids what are they actually celebrating. We got you covered on that! Here are some of the curious facts about the Halloween:

  1. The name Halloween comes from the All Hallows’ Eve, a holiday which is celebrated on October 31. It takes place a day before the Western Christians All Saints’ Day, therefore, it is a religious holiday. It begins an Allhallowtide season (All Saints’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day). Nowadays, the celebration of Halloween is mostly non-religious.
  2. The origins of Halloween come from Ireland and Britain. It is connected to the festival Samhain that was celebrated by the Celts. The new year back then began on November 1, and it was the beginning of winter. It was believed that on that day the souls of those who died visit their homes, and those who have died during the year will leave for the otherworld.
  3. People used to wear masks in order to hide from the ghosts.
  4. After the Protestant Reformation, Halloween became a secular holiday and started being celebrated in other parts of the world other than Britain and Ireland.
  5. Trick-or-treating goes back to the old times in England and the All Souls’ Day when poor people where begging for food. They were given “soul cakes” in return for the promise of praying for the family’s dead relatives. Giving out of the soul cakes was supported by the church as a replacement for leaving food for the roaming spirits. Later on, this practise was modified into trick-or-treating for kids.