New Measures: Primary Schools to Close From Wednesday

Due to the ever-increasing number of infected and hospitalized patients with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the government led by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) decided to take further tightening measures. All schools might remain closed and children may move to distance learning. Kindergartens are not affected. The government does not intend to proceed with a complete lockdown yet.

There was a long discussion today about whether or not to close Primary schools. In the end, the majority opinion was that the epidemiological opinion prevails, so even children can be carriers of covid-19 to their parents.

As of today, half of the children in primary school are studying in person. The new measures require pupils to be divided into two groups. The first group goes to the physical school in the first week while the other group studies online. In the next week, they switch. By taking turns to go to school, the children’s encounters are interspersed and reduced.

School buildings will also remain forbidden to high school students.

In basic art schools, there can only be individual tuition. Universities and secondary schools throughout the Czech Republic have switched to online teaching, so far they have functioned normally in some regions. Exceptions also apply to practical training. So far, full-time teaching has remained in the first stage, with the obligation to wear masks in the corridors and a ban on singing.

With the exception of individual tuition, the operation of basic art and language schools is prohibited for two weeks. A total ban will also affect leisure centres and school clubs.

Schools will be closed during the week of October 26 as well. The new measures are expected to be effective From October 14.