CZ Schools May Remain Closed till The End of The School Year

It is a month since all schools in the Czech Republic closed. Deputy Minister of Health, Roman Prymula answers questions by Seznam Zpráv about reopening dates.

Until now, children were expected to return to schools sometime in the second half of May or from 1 June. Now, however, Roman Prymula, chief anti-coronavirus strategy strategist, says children are likely to not return to classes this school year.

Prymula confirmed the opinion of the Chief Hygienist Jarmila Rážová, who expressed similar thoughts to Radiožurnál. On the basis of the epidemiological situation, the government will decide on the dates and groups in which children will return to schools.

What will the deadline for school reopening depend on?
It will depend on how this problem is perceived by education and what the epidemiologists’ recommendations are. In addition, we also perceive that people today are relatively negative for schools to open in the current school year. So it may happen that schools will not be open until the end of June.

So, will the decision will be made based on the feelings of the people and not the real risk of contagion that you expect from the forthcoming population immersion test?
If there is a petition signed by 80,000 people stating that they do not want to send children to school, then it is quite a factor for this decision. And of course, we will have to take this into account. So the question is to what extent there will be an obligation. We will continue to discuss all this in the state.

You’re an epidemiologist. What would be the recommendation of epidemiologists if you don’t consider people’s opinion? Would you recommend that students go to school in certain situations during May or June, or would you be more cautious?
I think we should release attendance gradually. It is necessary to realize that in September the situation will be similar. In my opinion, we will be making decisions in a similar situation. If we try to loosen some of the measures, we have to make up for them with a Smart Quarantine. And in all other areas there will be a relatively strict regime.