4 Cool Summer Traditions to Follow

Following specific summer traditions can be a really fun way to build memories about your children’s childhood. Here are some ideas.

Camp out on the yard!
The best staycation for kids is the yard-cation camp. You don’t drive anywhere, you have a clean toilet well within reach, kids can camp by themselves, and emergency mommy service is at hand. Set up a tent in the backyard and let your kids have fun with the birds and the bees. Pack them up a picnic lunch and dinner and they’re all set. Don’t forget to give them some camp-ish equipment like ropes, a torch to explore bugs at night and insect repellent.

Try the No-technology day
Pull out the board games and cards, order-in some food and spend a fun day together. You’ll be amazed at the amount of activities that kids can do together at home – drawing, cooking, reading and even cleaning!

Paint the fence!
Yes, actually painting the fence can be a fun activity for the whole family. Get everyone started off after breakfast and by lunchtime, you have a brand-new looking fence to show-off. Even the tiny little ones, can join in with little brushes. Don’t forget to write the year on the fence and click a pic each year. Makes for a wonderful summer collection as the kids grow up.

Have a special colour week!
Let each family member choose a colour each day of the week and work hard to use that colour for most of the day. So, if it’s yellow, you wear yellow clothes/ footwear, eat yellow food, drink yellow juice and only watch yellow cartoons.