Garden Tools Kids Can Use This Summer

Sharing your love of gardening, or starting that love to spend time with your kids is a guaranteed great idea!

Gardening is such an inviting activity that kids can’t help falling in love with it. It helps them develop a love for nature at a young age and can help them appreciate the planet’s beauty. Don’t wait for your kids to grow old, get them involved with gardening tools as young as 3 or 4! Here are a few gardening tools that are great starters for toddlers small hands:

Rake up some leaves!

Kids enjoy activities in which they can move around and watch and make different things happen. Small rakes are a great tool to let them explore, make piles, move them and ultimately (hopefully) bag them up.

Small rakes are perfect little entry tools for kids, so get them out there raking with you and watch them go!

Little sprouting grow kits

Kids love using colourful things and getting their hands dirty! Get them started on growing their own food with a small sprout growing kit this summer. Sprout kits usually come with small potting plants, a shovel and some seeds. They’re also super easy to make with a quick trip to the gardening shed. A great tip is to ask your kids what kind of food they want to grow? Carrots? Celery? Watermelon?

Focus on materials that are soft, non-toxic plastic that are durable too.

Get them started and watch them focus all their little attention on the sprouts.  They’ll be engaged all summer watching their plants grow. Then, the ultimate payoff: they get to eat what they grew.

 A watering can

Kids love to imitate their parents and do all the activities alongside; it makes them feel old and all grownup! A great way to get them moving on their own around the garden is with a watering can. That little watering can be the start of some great lessons on the importance of water, and also the effects of too much water. Lessons learned with their parents last a lifetime.

Garden gloves

Giving your little gardener a pair of garden gloves is like initiating them into a grownup club.  They’re also really practical to protect little hands while using tools and do their bit of gardening in the summer! A colourful pair of gloves and their own tools will really make them feel like part of the team.

Keep them soft and stretchy so they don’t irritate the skin and give your little ones a bad first impression.


Little wheelbarrows are awesome. Kids love carrying around their garden tools by themselves. A good wheelbarrow will teach them to handle their own things and keep them organised in a single place.


With gardening, playing and learning are kind of the same thing. Digging in dirt, getting muddy, planting seeds… !t all comes together naturally. Don’t hesitate while handing some gardening tools to your kids. Help them fall in love with gardening by including them with the tools they can use as early as possible!