Things that kids love!

Image Courtesy: Elly Fairytale/ Pexels

Children always want to feel loved and cared for. Sometimes as parents with a busy schedule, we may not be able to care to their needs. So this is a gentle reminder list that helps us all keep our relationship with kids on track!

Spending time together
Children actually love spending time with their parents. Even if it means to do a math worksheet together. So, find something to do with your child together this week – take a walk, do a quick ice-cream stop after school or just play video games together. It’s the time spent that matters

Make them something special
We always ask kids to make cards for their friends, for their teachers and for us. But how many times have we made a card for them? Next time try making a card with a lovely special note and for just simply no reason, and watch the smile on their faces!

Allow them to do something that usually not allowed
Let them have a whole week of leave-your-stuff around. But tell them that at the end of that week, they have to help clean and put things away. This can be quite a surprise for the kids and you’ll have to tolerate the mess for a week!

Do a course with them
Join a painting class together. Or any course like gaming, quilling or more. Children love it when you join in their activity. Or make something out of bricks with them and put it on display next to the TV for a month!

Watch the stars
Buy a telescope and watch the planets all summer long! It’s really amazing how kids love space and stars and planets. A clear summer sky offers a lot to families in terms of clean and educative fun.

Plan a surprise party
Plan a sleepover with their friends as a surprise. Better still do it on a week night and see how excited they get. Kids keep needing reassurance that you’re on their side and willing to do fun things with them.

Leave a note
Leave notes where they least expect it. Like a sticky note in the toilet that reminds them that you love them. Or a note in their lunch box wishing them ‘Bon appetite’

Plan a late night
kids love to stay up late and you keeping up with them and doing what they like, is the best thing ever. Plan a late-night movie over a weekend. Better still, add a dress up night and make sure everyone dresses up funny.