How to help your child prepare for the end of the year tests

Image Courtesy: The Painted Square/ Pexels

It’s finally the end of the school year and it’s the testing season. Schools colleges and universities are all into tests, class tests, written tests and more. It’s indeed one of the harder months of the school year for kids. What can we do to help keep their chin up while preparing? Read on for tips!

Focus for long hours
Sometimes some tests can be quite long, like two or three hours. So, children need to be able to stay focused for that long during the test. The best way to prepare for it is to prep your child to read for three hours straight or to calculate for three hours state or do any activity for the duration of the test. This helps them to focus for three long whole hours.

Know your child’s test schedules
It’s important to know your child’s testing schedule about which test is on what date. All kids usually are better in one subject and dread another. So, if you’re aware of when their favorite and dreaded tests are, you can encourage them and be there for them emotionally.

Help them pack
All tests require kids to have some basic stationary. Kids also have some favorite requirements for tests like lucky pens, lucky shoes, lucky shirts or more. If they have a lucky shirt make sure that you wash it on time and dry it all ready for the next day. Check through their stuff and see if they have enough pencils, writing material, erasers and any other test required stationary like a compass, protractor etc.

Get them to bed early
Exam nights can really give jitters to some kids. So, make sure you get them to bed early and they wake up well rested and on-time to get to the test. Sometimes, if kids can’t sleep, taking a walk around the neighbourhood can help them feel a bit relaxed, when they hit the bed.

Make sure they eat well
It’s important to eat well before any important event so you’re not hungry or tired while focusing. It’s essential to eat a healthy meal so that your brain and body work well and in-tandem with each other for the child to perform at his beat. Overeating can make a child feel sleepy during the test.

Stay positive
Make sure the environment at home is positive and they are relaxed and not tensed before the test. If they are nervous or make mistakes while practicing at home, try to keep them involved and motivated by encouraging them. They need to give it their best shot without worrying about results.