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How to talk to your child about the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The innumerable images, videos and news reports are not hidden from children. As parents, our primary thought would be to keep our kids away from the violence that’s posted all over social media and television. But it’s better to speak to your child about it, rather than ignoring the subject altogether.

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Family with kids

What your child expects from you

It’s not easy to take a step back from ‘parenting’ and think about what a child expects from you. Now, am not talking about how your son always wants to play video games or hang out online and you mostly have a ‘have you finished your HW? (or something else)’ up your sleeve. What does he really expect from you? Are you living up to his expectations? Should you live up to his expectations? Well, it’s a thin line.

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Buy/ Rent Halloween Costumes, Prague

It’s Halloween and the best part about it, is costumes! Who doesn’t love dressing up weird and partying. But should you be buying a new costume each year?

No one wants to keep reusing the same costume each year, and a new one is definitely a waste of money. It’s a great idea to swap or borrow from friends. But that would mean, not being able to pick what you like and everyone already know what you will be wearing. So, the next best option is renting a costume.

Prague has tons of places where adults and kids can pick a costume of their choice for an affordable price. Here’s a short list we prepared to help you out!

Ptákoviny Praha – Ptákoviny Karneval

This is one of the best options which offers the huge variety of costumes. It gives an opportunity to try on more than one hundred unique costumes which encompass different age groups. This shop possesses a characteristic feature which may be wholesome for those who want to improve or complete their looks, i.e. there is a possibility to buy certain part of the costume or add particular accessories.

Furthermore, the official website of the shop is divided into various thematic sections, such as Halloween costumes and accessories, Carnival masks, Hats, Wigs and moustaches, Party accessories which make the shopping process easier and simplified.

For more information check out the their website.


is the shop which provides a diversity of creative costumes for every taste. The customers’ choice concerning their attires can vary from cute costumes to mysterious and scary costumes. For example, Madagascar King Julien costume, Dracula Boy costume, Elsa classic costume, pumpkin witch costume and so on.

For detailed information check out the their website.

Půjčovna kostýmů Florenc

Another shop with diverse interesting costumes for both Halloween and any carnivals. The concept of this shop is the provision of dramatic and scary costumes for children and adults. There you can find the costumes of vampires, witches, Hogwarts magicians, Zombie sleepers, Little Frankenstein and many others. This store’s advantageous feature is its affordable price (from 250 CZK).