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Andělská Hora Castle Ruins

The Angelsburg castle ruins (formerly called Engelsburg ) are about 8.5 km southeast of Karlovy Vary . The castle ruin at the top of the basalt gable is prominent in the whole area. The core of the building consisted of an inner or an upper castle at the highest point of a rocky ridge. Andělská Hora, along with Bečov Castle, protected the Rýzmburk estate . At the end of the 15th century, the town of Andelská Hora was founded in the foothills. Since 1958 the ruins have been protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. 

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Family with kids

The lockdown can affect your child’s ‘growing up’

Due to Covid restrictions, there is generally a lot of isolation in the community. And probably children could be the ones who are most affected. I recently spoke to a friend who is a mother of a toddler. She expressed fear about the development of her child in the past year. And this is a fair thing to worry about.

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Ways to discipline a child without yelling, tantrums and humiliation

Reprimanding children has always been a discussion point in any media. Some people don’t mind spanking their kids, while others are strictly against it. So, is there a line after which reprimand is violence? How do you raise children without traumatizing them, while simultaneously teaching them to be responsible for their actions?