Christmas Activities for the Whole Family!

Christmas is a huge holiday for kids and their enthusiasm is infectious! Counting down the days, writing letters to Santa, baking treats in the kitchen, all the decorations at home and in the stores, it goes on and on.
One thing to remember during the holiday season is that kids will be home for the holidays too! That’s why you might want to have a few activities in your back pocket to keep the little Elves entertained!
1. Make Christmas cards
Ready for Christmas crafting? Make homemade Christmas cards with your kids to send to all family members. This amazing activity is perfect both for school-age children and for toddlers (you just need to choose simpler card designs). Handmade Christmas cards are WAY more precious than any store bought card too! Check this out: 15 Holiday card ideas!

2. Bake Christmas Cookies
Lovely to get kids busy and useful when a bunch of friends comes to your house, Christmas cookies are easy to make with kids. Find a recipe on the Internet, choose the design together with your kid, and get the whole family to the kitchen!
Check out this recipe: Sugar Cookies!!

3. Sing Christmas Carols
Steer clear of the Reindeer or the Snowman, you’ll hear plenty of that at the stores… Try these classics:
Good King Wenceslas – You’re in the Czech Republic, you should know this inside and out!
Joy to the World – We could use a little joy.
Deck the Halls – Who can resist when it’s James Taylor!
Christmas Time Is Here — And don’t forget this classic Vince Guaraldi playing a Charlie Brown Christmas
Sing songs at the holidays, for no reason. You just might start a tradition your kids will love!

4. Kris Kringles and Secret Santas
Pick ‘Kris Kringles’ in your family instead of mounds of gifts for everyone. Kris Kringles and Secret Santas are essentially the same things: Put all the names of your family members in a hat and pick one name for each family member. Each person then has their ‘Kris Kringle’ and buys a gift for that person. In this way, each person gets a personal gift from someone they love and the commercial side can have a little less influence on this lovely time of year!
Everyone has a special something they love about the holidays, and these simple ideas might just add to your list.

Happy Holidays!