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I Am a Fan of School Cafeterias – Renata Lukasova, Director, Čerstvá sváča, School Food Enthusiast

What does your kid’s school serve for lunch? So, what are your kids getting for lunch? Is it healthy? Fresh? Is it a well-prepared meal, or is it packed with too much sugar, preservatives and processed foods? Don’t know what the daily menu is? Don’t feel alone, not too many parents do.

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Easy Snack Ideas for a Perfect Picnic

What can be more exciting than having a wonderful time with the whole family in the fresh air? A Picnic is one of the easiest ways to step out of everyday routine for having fun with children. Once a venue is decided the next most important thing is the food in the picnic basket. To simplify the preparation of your snacks list, here are easy and uncommon recipe ideas to enjoy delicious food.