4 Easy Tips for a Healthy Diet

If you really look, there are zillion tips online to maintain a healthy diet. But not all can be easily kept up over time. Dr Margit Slimakova, nutrition and health prevention specialist, spoke to us about 4 simple steps we could take to make a start!

1. Eat local and seasonal fruits and veggies

While fruits and vegetables are healthy, those which are out of season or imported from far away countries contain a higher percentage of agrochemicals or preservatives that make them appear fresh on the supermarket’s aisles. So, something that looks really healthy, may be full of harmful substances. This holds true for grains or any other products that are not local to Europe – e.g. soya. The best way to work around this is to stick to fruits and veggies which are local and seasonal.

2. Consume sour- dough bread

Ahh, bread! Carbs are certainly a guilty pleasure for many. However, most types of bread, even whole grain, contain yeast or other chemicals. Sour dough bread is a great alternative to supermarket bread. The fermentation process in the sour dough helps the body absorb the best nutrients and probiotics with no chemicals.

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Photo Courtesy: margit.cz

3. Shop for local food

Similar to fruits and veggies, animal-based food also falls victim to the issue of distance and endurance. Highly processed products, such as sausages, do you more harm than good. Yogurts, that are not full-fat are highly processed. To get around this, know where your food comes from. Research your local farmers markets, organic shops and supermarket brands. Then, create your own web of trusted producers. As a starting point, take advantage of scuk.cz, the ‘Meet your farmer’ project (x) and follow news by the FOOD PILLORY project .

Photo Courtesy: margit.cz

4. Use the right cooking oils!

As cooking is an everyday deal, is there one best oil that can be used for cooking? Well, it depends – on how long you cook and on the cooking temperature. Lard oil, as well as unrefined coconut oil, are the best picks when it comes to long term cooking. For short term frying, cold pressed olive oil will do. For more useful information on the best and worst oils to use for cooking, check out the following articles:

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