Back to School!

Finally, the summer holidays are past us and its the beginning of a new academic year. As exciting as it may be, it is also a lot of work to prepare for school – bags, shoes, school supplies, craft clubs, sports and more! To make life a bit easy for parents we have put together a series of articles to get back into school life again. Check it out!

Exciting School’s First Day Traditions
It is always tough for children to come back to school routine school, after a nice relaxing vacation full of sleep, eat and have fun regardless of time limits. How do you handle it?

First Day of School for Four-Year-Old
The transformation from carefree preschoolers to responsible first-graders can be quite a change, especially if kids are not prepared for it. How do you tackle this special day?

Choosing the right Backpack
For parents of first-graders or teens, it’s important to be ready with the list of school stationery – and one of the essential school supplies on the checklist is a backpack.

Labelling School Supplies
Labelling school supplies is very useful for kids to identify their stuff from among make similar ones in school. It is also especially useful when someone in school finds a misplaced, lost or forgotten item and can easily trace it back to the child when there is a name on it!

Checklist for Parents
Here’s a checklist below with clear guidelines to help you stay focused on what needs to be done and how to prepare your child for everyday school life.

Ideas for a Better Consumption Basket
Renata Lukasova is the Director of Čerstvá Sváča (Fresh Snack). With her many years of School Meal experience, she tells us what is good in the Czech school meal system, why ordering a warm meal at school is important and how parents can get involved in the school lunch eating habits of their kids.

Questions that Parents Should ask the Child’s Teacher
Just like children, it is very natural for parents to be apprehensive before school begins. Anxious parents usually try to get familiar with the environment at school by interacting with teachers.