Labelling School Supplies

Labelling school supplies is very useful for kids to identify their stuff from among similar ones in school. It is also especially useful when someone in school finds a misplaced, lost or forgotten item and can easily trace it back to the child when there is a name on it!

It is quite easy to label school supplies and there are also many unique ways to do so these days.

1. Ordering cute labels online
These days its quite easy to order cute labels online. I ordered mine from here this year and they get delivered in about 3 days. The prices are not very expensive – about 8 Euros for 90 basic labels.

2. Getting a label printer
If you have more than two kids, it is better to get a label printer. Yes! You heard me right. This is a very nice handy machine from ‘brother’ that I found really useful. This is good even for clothing because if you use the fabric tape, it can be ironed on quite easily after printing. You can check it out here.

3. Writing out the name
This is the one that is the cheapest and works fairly well. Just get a permanent marker or a fabric marker from the stationary store and use it to write name son everything the child owns. The only issue is, the ink does not really stay permanent on all surfaces. Even fabric marker names fade on the label after a few washes. So you need to overwrite on them again in a few days.

4. Good old embroidery
This is definitely the classic way – good and largely permanent. Of course, this does take a lot of time and effort. For school kids, that need to upgrade clothes every few months, this is definitely not the way to go. I don’t do it unless I am labelling something that needs to be used for a long time!

Quick checklist of things to label for school:
-Shoes and trainers
-School Bag and sports bag
-Lunch and snack boxes
-Drinking bottles
-Note, Text and workbooks
-Craft supplies: glue, scissors, paper and more
-Hats, Caps, Gloves, Jackets, Footwarmers

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