Author: Kavita K

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Games to Help Your Child Eat

My little boy just will not eat dinner, let alone vegetables. Well, let me be honest, he eats but needs to be coaxed to do so. I tried everything, talking it out, being stern, being kind, preparing his fav-food, letting him skip a meal so he is hungry – but NO. It’s also true that kids of a certain age, get their mind off routine tasks (like eating!) and focus on more interesting things like games, blocks, tablets. So of course, eating is only just a mere activity that is on their back burner.

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Managing relocation and settling in with kids

Hear the word relocation and we all are into planning the nitty gritty and details right from immigration papers, packers, work handovers, school leaving letters and doctor certificates. And in between all the busy days of planning the move and settling into a new place, it’s easy to overlook or skip the feelings of anxiety as a family.

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Raising bilingual children

Globalisation has given us many gifts and along with it a basket of basic challenges. With a lot of people working and relocating across continents, language is one area that is always under the radar of parents while raising kids. Language challenges that we dealt with as adults when we moved out of our native countries are now faced by our children at a much younger age.