Ice Skating for Little beginners – Arkady, Pankrac

The ice skating rink outside the Arkady mall Pankrac, is a really nice rink for beginners and kids. The rink is not too large, well maintained, and outside – so the sun actually pours in if its a sunny day!
There are little 4 feet tall penguins with handles on both sides that kids can hold on to, while skating. So if your kids are new to skating, this makes it an enjoyable experience for them. Do keep in mind that the first few times kids will slip and fall on ice while trying to find a balance. And these little penguins help a lot to prevent it.
I also learnt the hard lesson that if the first skating experience is not very enjoyable for the kids, they don’t want to try it again! I took my son alone in a skating ring without something to hold on to, and the first time he slipped, he howled and cried and never wanted to go back in again.
The next time, we went to the Arkady rink. He was very skeptical but went along as we had his best friend with him. And of course the penguins were a huge hit among the boys. They did not want to come out!
If you are an adult beginner, you can rent skates at Arkady and try moving along the round rink while holding on to the edges. This helps gain balance while getting used to the feel of ice under your skates. I tried skating for the first time here and must say it was indeed a great experience for me and my son. And of course make sure that your skates fit well at the ankles. This prevents your foot from twisting, in case you fall.
For 200 CZK you can rent skates, and helmet for a day. If you bring your own skates the rink can be used for free. Kids under the age of 5 go for free. The rink is open on week days from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and on weekends all day from 10:00 hours
Don’t miss out ice skating this season, all rinks are open till March 31!

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