Legoland Deutschland

Drive from Prague: 4.5 hours (450 km appx.)
Ticket prices: 30 Euros per day, per person
Annual Pass: 65 Euros per person

What if your 3-year-old could drive a car all by herself? What if there was actually a dragon spewing water instead of fire? Would you dare to let your little one paddle a canoe? Well, this is all actually possible in Legoland, Deutschland.

Am not a great fan of theme parks, but when my little one and his cousin showed a lot of interest in Lego, we decided to take the plunge last week. It was an easy drive to Legoland from where we live in Prague. About 4.5 hours with two 15 minute breaks. Legoland has loads of space for parking, especially if you have booked into their themed hotel rooms.

We stayed two nights at the ‘King’s Castle’, right outside of which was the ‘Knights Castle’ and the ‘Dragon’s Castle’. The atmosphere was beautifully Lego and the boys had a great time playing with all their fav Lego characters.

The rides in Legoland are quite fun and most of them are doable by 3 to 12-year-old children, of course, sometimes with adult supervision. Some of the 3 D games like Lego Ninjago went way beyond my expectation with easy fun for little kids as well as adults! The 4 D movie, the tiny canoes for tots and the Lego Duplo Play area are all too good to be true!

Legoland itself has sufficient change stations, toilets, drinking water taps, eating houses and cafes. So all put together, it was a great holiday for 2.5 days. The only annoying factor we encountered was that we arrived at about 13:00 hours and check in was at 15:00 hours. So we had to wait a bit. It would have been great to leave the luggage and go to the park instead of waiting – But, the park ticket follows a 10:00 to 17:00 hours timing and not a 24-hour validity. So if we went to the park day 1, of our trip, we would have had time only from 13:00 to 17:00 hours. So day 1 we were just hanging around the park near our room. But the kids enjoyed a lot playing in the sand and the Lego pirate ship!

Prices – yes, they are a bit expensive. But, I can suggest that if you are just a few hours drive away from Legoland in Germany, then it is best to get an annual entry pass and drive down as often as you wish. You cover the price in just 2 visits!

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