Space Labels from Happy Label

I know it’s still summer but it’s just 3 weeks before school starts again. It’s that time of the year when mums start preparing for school: Shopping for school supplies, uniforms, sports accessories, lunch boxes and more! And of course, along with the new school year, begins the task of labelling the ‘new school stuff’.

Like most mums, I usually write my son’s name on all his school supplies: books, clothes, shoes, accessories, lunch boxes, stationery and more. This is definitely the cheapest way to ensure that his things don’t get mixed up with someone else’s; and even if it does, it is returned right back to him!
But each year I find that writing his name on everything is a cumbersome, annoying task – I have to focus hard to make sure that I write legibly so that it can be easily read by everyone. I have to buy and use permanent markers in different colours to write on light, dark and various surfaces. And what’s more, after a few months and about 10 washes, the ink starts fading and the name needs to be overwritten/ rewritten again.

So, to spare myself some effort, I pre-ordered (in June) a mixed pack of ‘Space labels’ (15 pieces) from Happy Label to check it out. I was quite apprehensive when I ordered them because they weren’t particularly cheap (appx 250 CZK for the pack). But I decided to give it a go anyways. The ordering procedure on the website was fairly simple and very user-friendly. The labels arrived in 2 days in really nice packaging. And when I saw the labels with my son’s name, I fell in love with them instantly. They looked adorably lovely and very eye-catching. My son loved them too! He said that it was easy to identify his clothes after PE because there was a design near his name!
But the question still remained. Would they serve the purpose? Which meant surviving machine washes, dishwasher steam and microwave temperatures. Well, to my utter disbelief, they did. After 3 washes and the tumble dryer, they are still there – no fading, no peeling off and all in good shape! They do not come off even in the dishwasher’s steam cycle and are better than the ‘permanent marker pen’ I usually use. It has been two months since we are using Happy Label and I would recommend it to everyone. They are beautiful, durable and very convenient to label your child’s stuff!

Go ahead and order some online to try it out!

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