Exciting School’s-First-day-traditions

It is always tough for children to come back to school routine school, after a nice relaxing vacation full of sleep, eat and have fun regardless of time limits. Accordingly, when it is time to start a new academic year, every child deals with anxiety which can be avoided by mentally preparing them in advance. The ways in which you can prepare your child really depends on the parents. 
One of the ways to cheer up and support your children on their first day of school is to come up with certain traditions which will help lift their spirits and enjoy that day. Nevertheless, if you are out of ideas on how to make the first-school-day even more enjoyable and memorable, here are some suggestions which can inspire you to create your own ones:

  • Preparing a special lunch-pack is one of the effective ideas that can serve to support children on their first day at school, and makes them feel excited. Besides cooking delicious meal and snacks, you can also pack them creatively by using back-to-school themed printables and applying certain tags or funny quotes on them. All of these in their turn will make your child feel loved and cared at lunchtime.
  • Either it is your child’s back-to-school or it is the first day at school, in both cases taking pictures of your child is another tradition that can make that day even more memorable. For example, by holding a specially designed little chalkboard in the form of the speech bubble and writing all the categories that you want to mention, i.e. favourite movie, book or colour, you can take a cute photo of your kid. If it becomes a tradition, each year you will have an opportunity to witness the changes that could happen through these years.
  • Writing a chalk “letter” on the sidewalk will be the further great idea for school’s-first-day-tradition. It will be indeed nice and supportive for your child to discover “Have a good day!” or “You will succeed for sure” lettering on the way to school which provides a good mood for the whole day. It is one of the creative ways of showing love and support to your child which is a welcome tradition each year.
  • Preparing an interview sheet with interesting and amusing questions is another tradition which will be loved by your children. It is a perfect way for parents to depict how much they care and understand their children by asking about their school life and first-day at school in general. Moreover, you can ask your children to fill out the questionnaire by writing the answers so you can keep their handwriting.
  • Buying and wearing matching bracelets is also an interesting approach of encouraging the children to stay less anxious on their first day at school. This tradition with bracelets will help to remind children that their parents are supporting and always with them. Accordingly, whenever a child feels alone, misses his/her mother or feels anxious about being far away from family, there is an opportunity to look at that matching item and feel the warmth of a mother.

If you think that the list should be extended by any other ideas and traditions, you can write and share your suggestions on an email to contributors@littlepanda.cz.