Author: Little Panda

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Teaching Children a Non-native Language

Living in the Capital of our beloved country Czech Republic, we hear the languages of the world every day. Whether on a tram, a metro or in the park, a day doesn’t go by when we can’t hear neighbors chatting away in their native language. And we all wonder how we can speak different languages and also teach our kids. Teaching a non-native language can be hard for parents and kids, but there are ways to make the journey easy.

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Checklist for Toddlers in 10-hour flights

There’s always something about toddlers and long flights that is daunting – not just as a parent but also as a fellow passenger. The first thing I learned as a mom was my child gets cranky when he is hungry or when he is tired. And as parents, we all usually know what triggers irritation in our child. But it’s important to figure out how best to be prepared for it during a long flight.