Karlín Market’s Coffee Festival

Image Courtesy: Chevanon photography/ Pexels

When: September 18, 2022. 10-18 hours
Where: Karlínské náměstí, Prague

Coffee lovers, here’s your chance to enjoy good old coffee with your families and friends. The Karlín Coffee Festival brings together some of the finest roasters, coffee brewers and cafes in Prague who will create different types of coffee for coffee connoisseurs to try out.

Many different methods of coffee preparation will be on display along with various coffee rituals. There will be a variety of cold-brews, hot brews using different types of coffee. There will also be a food menu for gourmet lovers.

At 12:00 the band ‘The Brownies’ will perform and DJ Hlava will play all day. There will be various accompanying program, talks and thematic workshops both for children and adults.

An extraordinary experience awaits you, which you definitely must not miss.