The Toy Museum Prague

Image Courtesy: Toy museum website

Irrespective of age, generally people do love toys. A pretty doll, a cute boy doll, a cool steam train or a tiny plate of fake food, all captures the eye and heart at once.

But toys are not just things that our kids play with. In some ways, they depict the way-of-life of that generation when they were created. And when preserved over a period of time, toys become embodiments of a lifestyle lived by our previous generations.

To spend an afternoon exploring a history of lifestyles over the past years in a fun way, visit the Toy Museum in Prague. The Museum holds an amazing collection of American and European toys from 4 centuries.

The collection includes dolls, teddy bears, carriages, stream trains, metallic toys, robots, the very early Barbie dolls and even the latest Disney and Star Wars toys. There is also an interesting collection of Czech traditional toys.

The exhibition is open daily from 9:30 to 17:30 daily including holidays. Ticket prices are: adults CZK 180, Children CZK 70, family ticket CZK 360.