Pedal cars for tiny tots

Pedal cars are back! With increasing screen time for kids, parents are on the look out for newer options to keep kids playing outside and away from the screen. And pedal cars are the new toys of the season.

Pedal cars require a child to use his legs to move the car and this helps in building his muscles and improves co-ordination skills. These cars come as exact replicas of the original except with a pedal. So, a child feels like he is actually driving a car like his daddy or mommy. They are also available in various types like a pick-up truck, SUVs and MUVs.

To buy your own pedal car you can check out the cars are usually made to order and can be ordered here.

For others who are just interested in exploring the roots and origin of a pedal car, you can visit Pedal Planet – a museum with the largest collection of pedal cars in the Czech Republic. There are a 100 exclusive pieces at the museum in Prague. From Auto Union Type C to Formula 1, the cars are a miniature delight.

In an age of automated cars, the tiny world of non-electronic cars does stand out and attracts kids and parents alike. The museum is located at Cihelná 2, 118 00 Prague. Tickets for families (2+2) is 600 CZK. Children from 4 to 15 years 130 CZK. Adults 250 CZK. For more details check out the pedal planet website.