Visit the Galerie of Art for kids this Summer

Image Courtesy: Galerie GUD website

The Galerie umění pro děti GUD, was founded to support children’s relationship with art. The gallery is a non-profit organization and works to capture children’s perception of art right from their developmental years.
The gallery offers various exhibitions and activities from time to time. The whole gallery is a multimedia experience for kids where they can touch, feel and alter the Art pieces. They can even create their own art pieces for display. Presently, the gallery is hosting LEPORELO, an interactive exhibition that introduces children to the world of fantasy. Leporelo is a unique exhibition for young kids from the youngest to the first grade of elementary school, which will also touches the parents’ hearts. This exhibition offers an opportunity to spend pleasant and quality time with the family among books, thanks to which children learn about the world.

The exhibition is divided into three parts: educational, interactive and artistic. It also offers an active workshop creative zone. The entire exhibition is accompanied by weekend workshops led by experienced lecturers, author readings under the auspices of the Albatros publishing house and other activities. As always, there is also a school program.

The gallery also offers a wide range of activities for kids and seniors. Here’s a list with the dates and timeline:

-Thematic courses and workshops – short and long term
-Collective creation – long-term creative projects for children
-Morning and afternoon babysitting with art activities

Activities for schools
School program of the GUD gallery on the topic “RECYCLING our future”

Activities for adults
ART PARTY more at

Current program
18.10. Dream Catcher (Creative Wednesdays with Ivona Danziger)
19.10. GRAFITTI ART parties (more at )
21.10. Minecraft workshop
25.10. Ghosts (Creative Wednesdays with Ivona Danziger)
26.10. Family mandala ART pARTy (more at )
1.11. Design trick (Creative Wednesdays with Ivona Danziger)
2.11. Colors flow ART parties (more at
8.11. Re-button (Creative Wednesdays with Ivona Danziger)
9.11. GRAFITTI ART PARTY (more at
16.11. SPLASH ART parties (more at
30.11. RE-Bottom ART parties (more at
14.12. X-mas ART parties