Month: July 2018

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Road Trip With Kids

Being a parent is not easy – because it comes with the responsibility of always being tolerant, flexible and always mentally wired! One would imagine that vacations are easy, but if there is a road trip ( which mostly is), then managing kids on a car seat for long hours tests the patience.  here’s a list of life-hacks that helps make your next road trip more comfortable and memorable.

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Summer Suburban Camp, Yacht Club

We know that feeling of being excited about summer holidays after a long, productive, and exhausting academic year. It is the best time for every child because of the opportunity to experience something new and fresh. Summer Suburban Camp is designed for those children who are not satisfied with ordinary activities and who are thirsty for new adventures.

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Teaching Children a Non-native Language

Living in the Capital of our beloved country Czech Republic, we hear the languages of the world every day. Whether on a tram, a metro or in the park, a day doesn’t go by when we can’t hear neighbors chatting away in their native language. And we all wonder how we can speak different languages and also teach our kids. Teaching a non-native language can be hard for parents and kids, but there are ways to make the journey easy.