French Market at Kampa


When:11 July, 2018-15 July, 2018
Where: Kampa, Praha 1 – Malá Strana, 110 00
Other Details: Most people will agree that it is always interesting to know something unique about various countries and cultures. Moreover, it is the best way to receive an aesthetic pleasure when it comes to examine a unique cuisine of those cultures and experience a new taste sensation. Especially, if this culture is French culture which is well-known for its noble wines, a wide variety of cheeses, fragrant croissants and bakery products and many other original delicious, it would hardly leave anyone indifferent. Hence, if you are looking for new tastes that will diversify your routine meal and enrich your taste receptors with French food, the following event is designed especially for you.

The French Market that is celebrating its tenth anniversary invites all French meal lovers to join the event and try different colors of their gastronomy. In contrast to other years, this year’s market differs with the presence of new exhibitors. For instance, you can come across with suppliers of Cévennes’ organic wine, taste the Limousin region’s terrines and try new Huilerie Beaujolaise virgin oils. The uniqueness of those virgin oils lies in the fact that they are made from roasted pumpkin and almond seeds. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to try diverse drinks known as “Parisian”; particularly, beer Picon, a Monaco, a Rascal and many others. So, after being familiar with certain peculiarities of the exciting French Market program, it will be the right decision to start building a route to Kampa so you can enjoy your time.

Closest public transport: Trams: 12, 20, 22, 97 or 23, station Hellichova.
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