Children’s Museum Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Why kids? Even us adults are absolutely fascinated by royalty: kings, queens, knights and more. The one thing that we all want to do, even maybe in secret is to dress up in robes, drapes, crowns, and tiaras. It’s just that royal feeling.

The children’s museum at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna offers families a really unique way to experience the royal lifestyle of olden times. Just a bit over 4 hours of drive away from Prague (appx 350 km), Kaiser Kinder is the perfect place to spend a hot or rainy afternoon with kids.

The little museum is done up exactly like the imperial days so that kids can learn about those days while actually having fun. Hygiene, fashion, hairstyles, helpers, pets, toys and more are beautifully displayed in each room. Children can try dining from a fully laid table, braid hair into long plaits and event try on a robe and crown!

A family will need about an hour and a half to finish seeing the museum, but most families enjoy themselves for longer! And it is really the best place to change into royal robes and take pictures in royal settings.

Birthday parties for kids can also be arranged at the children’s museum. More details on this can be found here.

The Children’s Museum Schloss Schönbrunn is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.
Tickets Prices: Appx. 8 Euros for Adults and 7 Euros for kids. Family ticket price is 21 Euros. More details can be found on the museum website. Tickets can also be bought online on the website.

How to get here from Prague?
Address: Children’s Museum Schönbrunn, Palace Schönbrunn Palace, 1130 Vienna.
Drive vis D 1 E 65 is about 350 km (4.5) hours. There are also trains from the mail station, Prague to Vienna. Tickets can be bought at the station and the ride takes about 4.5 hours.