Science or Trick -The Nail Bed

Very often, while you are at a circus or magic show, you are enthralled by the crazy feat of the performer lying down or sitting on a bed of nails. And this act gets tremendous applause. Have you ever wondered how he can do it? Well, don’t wonder anymore because you can actually try it!

The Museum of Senses in Prague is a magic world created by basic science. After entering the museum you will find ‘the nail bed’ in the right corner at the far end. It is a full-length bed that resembles a flying carpet. Some people feel that there might be some trick hidden behind it. And the trick is really there! After lying down and feeling comfortable, in the bed, you push the green button on your left side. All of a sudden, hundreds of nails come up and after several seconds (in order not to prolong the pain anymore) these go down. It is a very unique and interesting contraption especially for kids because you don’t really get hurt.
When we leverage the body weight across all nails the pressure on one spot is reduced and it does not hurt but becomes a pleasant massage. But for the viewer, it is indeed a vision of torture. So it actually is some form of illusion to the viewer. Children can easily try out this activity as they are lighter and can use their creativity for different poses.
The staff and creators are usually present and are very helpful to guide you through it.
Why not try it out?
Here’s the address:
Jindřišská 939/20
110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město
Telephone: +420 608 213 749

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