Road Trip With Kids

Being a parent is not easy – because it comes with the responsibility of always being tolerant, flexible and always mentally wired! One would imagine that vacations are easy, but if there is a road trip ( which mostly is), then managing kids on a car seat for long hours tests the patience.  here’s a list of life-hacks that helps make your next road trip more comfortable and memorable.

Food always impacts a person’s mood and a child is no better. It is always wise to pack some fruits slices or berries and nuts in small boxes to easily pull out and pass around during the trip. It is important to make snacks in small portions because children usually bite twice and leave their food since they can be easily distracted by something else. That is why it will be more convenient to use several small containers, ready to open when there is a demand.
A Backpack with basic essentials kept ready at hand, is wise. There can be accidents like spilling, throwing up, or even just a chill because of the weather. The backpack can contain socks, cap, pajamas, toothbrush, and blankets to use whenever it is needed. It is always easier to grab the things that are near to you rather than pawing and searching through a big luggage.
A favorite toy, pillow or blanket is another useful item in the car. Because children tend to sleep better in conditions where they are accustomed to or where they can feel comfortable.
Motion sickness is something that has hit almost all kids especially if they travel right after a meal. To manage any untoward incidents, always carry air sickness bags, and sufficient water, wet wipes, and plastic bags to store dirty clothes or dispose off the garbage. If the child has a tendency for discomfort in a car, provide the child with saltine crackers, lollipops or any other salty cookies during the road which helps to prevent nausea and vertigo. You can also try to put an ice pack on the back of your child’s neck for approximately 10 minutes.
Tablets never fail to entertain. Since children always need constant attention and quickly get bored (especially when they are in a closed space) it is recommended to prepare certain entertainment. For instance, one of the effective ways that will help keep your child busy for at least two hours is his or her favorite cartoons, shows and games either on phone or tablets. Another idea is a CD with funny children’s songs and fairy-tales which help to keep them occupied. Also, there are websites that offer quizzes and games for children that can be looked through by parents in advance and be prepared prior to travel. For example: check out the source 1source 2, source 3 , and many others.

-It is indeed convenient to have a package of drinking straws when you cannot find a clean cup among many things. Just make sure you dispose it off responsibly.

-It is better to make stops every two hours so children can stretch their legs a bit.

-For the children aged 12 years or more, you can draw a map by emphasizing the key points in locations so they can participate and help in navigating. It serves both as entertainment for them and teaches them to navigate through new routes.

But apart from all the above, the most important thing to take with you on a road trip is an enthusiastic approach and good mood.