Ways to boost self-esteem in kids

Image Courtesy: Alexander Dummer/ Pexels

We all want our kids to have a good-self esteem and be confident and happy. But it’s the way we treat our kids that really builds their confidence.

Be a confident parent
Seeing a confident and well-rounded parent models it for a child. This does not mean that you hide your weaknesses. Acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths and your child will pick the same traits from you.

Let Children make mistakes
When kids make mistakes they learn. When they fail, do appreciate their efforts and this will make them try again and better.

Encourage their interests
Kids work hard and persist when they are interested and passionate about an activity. Support their interests and acknowledge their hard work. Failures and successes are a part of their growing and learning.

Help them set goals
When you help kids set goals and they achieve it, they feel good and grow into positive human beings. A goal always shows you direction and for kids it’s paving a way to achieve a dream.

Encourage friendships
A good friends’ circle and social life is very important for a rounded development of a child. Help them make good friends who help them, support them and with whom the child can be himself.

Acknowledge the good things
Make sure you tell a child what went well each day. In this way, they will see the good things and become positive individuals. While speaking about the negatives speak about the challenges and what can be done, instead of what wasn’t done.

Share and give
teach kids to share and give back to community Giving and helping others, teaches kids to be thankful for what they have while acknowledging what other’s may not have. Helping others always builds a good self-esteem