Tips to Give your Child a Home-Haircut

Hairdressers – haven’t we all been missing them? Although they may all open quite soon, all available time slots may be quickly taken. Or, a lot us paranoid mums would prefer to avoid taking our kids to the hairdresser altogether.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just give him a cool trim or her a simple tweak? Well, many mums are actually snipping away.  And for the others, who would like to ‘fix’ your child’s hair temporarily at home, here’s what you can do to make it fun for all!

You will need:
-Towel/ cape to cover your child’s shoulders
-Water sprinkler (optional)

First of all, prepare. Talk to your kid in advance and explain that you will be trimming his hair. Assure him that it doesn’t hurt. You can use some other word instead of ‘cut’. ‘Styling your hair’ sounds less harmful and more fun.

You want to prepare as well. Think of what type of haircut you’re gonna try out. Start by cutting a little bit of the length and then keep adding up till you achieve the desired result. It is always better to start slow.

You want to make sure; your kid will sit still. Give her a toy or sit her down in front of the TV. By any means keep her occupied. It will make your job way easier.

Before a haircut, you may want to wash your child’s hair. The hair should be wet so that you can cut evenly. In case your child is not in the mood to wash his hair, sprinkle some water until the hair is sufficiently soaked.

And last but not least, you want to choose the right moment. Don’t try ‘hair-dressing’ if your kid is grumpy. This will not be fun for either of you.

We hope your home haircut is a success! If you’re happy with the result, send us a ‘home-haircut’ pic that we can share with others ( Good luck!